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How to Select a Body Shop in San Diego

When you need a physician, who do you turn to? Friends are willing to help but really---you have your own priorities. Selecting a body shop in San Diego needn’t mean accepting someone’s recommendation uncritically either. In fact, it’s a lot like finding an MD to take care of you.  You may need someone close by, who accepts your insurance, whose receptionist knows your name, who will take time to answer your questions, who will work with your insurance company so you won’t have to come out of pocket for your treatment. On the other hand you may need a specialist. So you don’t care how long the drive is. You’ll sort out the insurance questions, but that is a distant second to your need for expertise and for a great reputation. Now go back and substitute the words “body shop” for “physician” and you have a list of priorities that fit both situations well.

When deciding on a body shop (no pun intended) for your repair---gear it to the priorities you know you are looking for.  This will work for the same reason it does when choosing a physician. All MD.s can suture a wound-and all licensed body shops adhere to the same standards to repair your car safely. So what makes for the right decision for where to take your business is not so much about basic competence-as the kind of experience you’re likely to have.

Use the list below to rank (1-10) which of these things stand out for you in terms of what you’d like to have when coming in to have your car repaired.  The right body shop will be the one that you are looking for.

  • Free rental cars     
  • Frequent communication/ vehicle repair updates
  • Warranties/Guarantees      
  •  OEM parts*                          
  • Costs of repairs
  • Speed of repairs
  •  Managed Care Representative (someone to answer your questions who knows who you are)
  • Location of shop
  • 24 hour  vehicle drop off
  • Referral (friend or review site)
  • Great online reputation/awards     

Once you sort through what really matters most to you-call the body shop and see if they meet your expectations-or visit their website to get a sense of who they are and what they offer. Start with us. We know the way to help is to tailor what we do to what matters to you.

*Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts are, as the name suggests, designed and created by the manufacturer of your car and guaranteed to fit and function exactly as the ones that were removed because of damage. You should expect to be informed by your body shop if they will not be used in your repairs.

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